2014 Spring

Orchid │ Woodblock │ 45 X 30 cm │ 2014

Created in the spring of 2014, this article presents a series of black and white wood prints about plants.

The Year of Horse

Rouge Horse │ Mimeographed woodcut │ 30 X 22.5 cm │ 2014

Year 2014 is the year of Horse in Chinese culture. Horse stands for hardworking and aggressiveness. Horse is also a symbol for sages and elites. Rouge Horse on the left side is the auspicious year painting especially created for the Horse Year. 

2013 Others

Mountain Lion │ Mimeographed Woodcut │ 22.5 X 30 cm │ 2013

The Year of Snake

Money │ Mimeographed Woodcut │ 30 X 30 cm │ 2013

Year 2013 is the year of Snake in Chinese culture. Snake is also known as "little dragon" in Chinese. Though snake isn't like dragon which stands for almighty power, it does have some positive symbolic meanings such as longevity, fecundity and wealth. 

2012 Fall & Winter

Seeking Moon in the Plum Blossom │ Woodblock X 30 cm │ 2012

After finishing military service, I was invited by my teacher Mr Pan to stay in Yuanli. I used Mr Pan's studio and created many artworks there. After one year, I returned to live near my alma mater, Tunghai University. Even though I had left Tunghai University for six years, I am still very familiar with the surroundings.

2012 Summer

Two tigers │ Mimeographed Woodcut │ 30 X 45 cm │ 2012

After saying goodbye to Yuanli, I created a series of artworks to memorize the wonderful year in Yuanli. Among those artworks, Small Mountains and Fresh Wind, Light Showers and Rainbow Tree all depict the beautiful scenery in Yuanli. 

The Year of Dragon

Blue Dragon │ Mimeographed Woodcut │ 22 X 18 cm │ 2012

Year 2012 is the year of Dragon in Chinese culture. Dragon stands for power, nobility and honor. Blue Dragon on the left side is the auspicious year painting especially created for the Dragon Year.
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